2D Animation (3 credits)
Final Project
justin simonich

Animated Sequence:

This final animation should be 10 sec to 15 sec in length.
Set the Document Settings to 720px x 540 px, 24 fps.

Your animated sequence should include one of the following:
- Physical Acting
- Walk or Run
- Punch or throw
- Jump
- Trip and fall
- Bicycling, swimming or sports activity

Your animated sequence should also include Psychological Acting.
- Take or double take- some sort of surprise reaction
- Emotional facial expression with lip-sync dialog and arm movements

The sequence does not have to include the use of camera movements.

Backgrounds are optional. The focus of the assignment is to demonstrate the applied skills, principles, and techniques studied during this 15 week course.

1.Be prepared to turn in all files within an organized folder structure. Folders containing loose, unmarked, or unfinished files will not be accepted. Hand in the project as both a .FLA and a.SWF file.
2.Animations and supporting materials will be graded based on the concepts and techniques covered during the entire course.
3.Name your files with your name and the project title. (JONES_FINAL.FLA and JONES_FINAL.SWF)
Then put all files in a folder with your first initial, last name. Each group should have the same files, file names, and folder structure. (J.JONES_FALL_2012)
4. Also hand in any assignments since the Midterm in the same4 format.
4.Create a backup on CD with all these files on it to turn in at the beginning of the final class.

1.Grades for late projects will drop by a full letter grade each week after the deadline.
2.The Rubric that will be used to grade your project has been previously defined. Please read it before turning in your project .