2D Animation (3 credits)
Week 01
justin simonich
Topics Covered in Class:

Introductions and Overview 
Assessment of student goals and expectations
Syllabus, course overview, goals, syllabus, grading policy, course materials, and labs.
Lecture on NYC Animation. (1 hr)

NYC Animated shorts:
Game Over - Pes
Puppet - Pat Smith
25ways to quit smokin - Bill Plympton
Good Morning - Dave Levy
The Dirty Bird - John R. Dilworth
Mr Smile - Fran Krause
Ottawa Signal Film - Krause Brothers (Will and Fran) directed
Zen and the Art of Angle Grinding - Sean Mcbride
Watermelon Nights- The Meth Minute 39 - Dan Meth
Infomercial for Patients: Chocolate - Signe Baumane
Upstate Four - Will and Fran Krause created/directed

Experiment #1 - Make a Thaumatrope (45 min)
To make a simple thaumatrope using the circle provided, draw an object on one side of the cardboard; then flip your circle (away from you) face down and draw another on the other side.
Use a hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the circle. Make sure your two holes line up. Tie the ends of about 6” of string together in a knot. Thread the other end through the hole in one side of your thaumatrope and loop it back through' itself. Do the same thing with more string on the other side.
Hold the strings about two or three inches from the cardboard and twist them between your fingers to cause the disc to spin. Look at the disc. When the speed is right and the spinning is steady the object on one side will appear to be one with the other.


Please have the following supplies and finished work for the next class:

Purchase a pack of 100 plain, white 3x5 index cards (without lines) and a metal clip that fits snuggly around the end of all 100 cards. You can find both items at the Court Street Office Supply,Duane Reade, or any office supply store.

Bring in a hard pencil, eraser, and one or more black pens for inking your drawings. I suggest Pigma graphic or micron pens, between .25mm-1mm, depending on the detail of your drawings.

Complete the Thaumatrope and Zoetrope. Add color using markers or colored pencils. Make sure it’s bold and bright.

Order the required textbook online or pick it up from the bookstore.

Reference sites: